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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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guess what it is it is 6:00. is ground monday. 29 degrees. we don't have the groundhog but we do have scott sabol who is even better.d pretty straightforward forecast. f her in the 20s and clearing out pretty good frost this morning however, the clouds are rolling in from the southwest interest the winds pick up later this afternoon we are expecting storm fox rated torn be populated by pretty good rain. most of the rain won't move out of here until after the morning commute and then that and temperatures willnd be following is the temperature trend heading into next week highlights below normal temperature for the middle of february.
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brunswick to elyria. our warm front will push this north and eventually showers will be working into the area and most of us will be well above 50 between five and 6:00 p.m. will we hear rumbles of thunder. we'll talk more about that we are in sky fox this morning. this is just off of broadway they had an accident a chain involving a car. they do have this closed that broadway is open this morning
6:02 am jessica dill is life on that morning long. it's takeng it back inside to wayne and kristi. the following breaking news that interstate 71 south they suspect the driver was going the wrong top stories. let's check in with jessica dill who is life. that scene is now clear we just have to off of i 70 because we did reopen all of the brains. that is the update. all lanes reopen just a
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happened around 2:45 a.m. there was just too much damage in both drivers were pronounced dead sheets had to be placed over the vehicles to cover the bodyh the suv was just destroy classes covering all three lanes of the highlight know word on why the driver was driving the wrong way after months of listening to the their say monday night in the first contest that iowa caucuses and they turned out in record numbers stacy fry is here
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the results. i will voters clearly feeling the burn. sanders criticizing the billionaire's and super parks funding other campaign for praisingsasabi the finances of his. ted cruz celebrating his big win in the head and more than a thousand miles to the east new
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primary in a week. i think the really like me. chris kristi were not even in iowa that they're focusing going on new hampshire spent a lot of time and money thatng mike huckabee and martin o'malley both droppedb out of the presidential race after week showing phosphate thing carson headed down to 40 get fresh close.e. he keeps new line dry guess because no stores and iowa you got a be fresh you never know it's going to happen evacuation
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and start county this morningge investors are trying to determine this is near first street and brewster last night
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street they were missing the red cross was in high school to offere food to evacuees. accused of killing two people and a drunk driving accident.a police say 74 -year-old rudolph they had been drinking before the accident. with a blood-alcohol limit was the legal limit. there express their condolences to the victims family including his 20 -year-old daughter and her-y young sun. >> we know we cannot take away the pain and a hearty no turn back time we want you to know
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what did they do with their week on the rent investigators releasing some surprising information.i visit doing more harm than good. scott, good morning.rm that starting to push to the north as we start to see more 40s and 50s streaming into southern ohio we're anticipating
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bring concerns over this part of this eco- viruses most people causes no more than mild illness. there is no reason to restructure try will print now it's been covered up. there this mural inside your
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in six teachers were killed. the student. the male who is now princeton university disagrees with move-in says the students it should never forget what happenedniss passenger hard to figure upper fight. you're just getting up it is 17 minutes after 6:00 a.m. an update on your weather and traffic just ahead will
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a live look on our fox camera. let's check in with patty harkin. there was a horrible accident
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>> that was 71 southbounden the highways themselves we don't have any other issues to report at all lanes are open 71 southbound before westa 150.
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at 28th in all lines. may showers will hold off until then bid that's our day planner perks of sunshine rapidly over wind gusts the best ten and went on the road in that includes a hard fought victory over the
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game skid.e virtual three put them ahead by two tire he would answer is every starter started was in double figures last night. it was his first win since january 2010.0. in the charlotte tomorrow night. it should be a very good game. is it's hard to win in indianapolis after six years.
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that was before the super bowl players and coaches from both squads take some unusual questions from unusual
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i think it helps has nothing to do his uniform. everyone around me is a big fan
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donald trump take second place head over to to vote for the next fox 8 cool school. will announce the winning school on thursday and feature them next weeko on the morning show.
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from day one with an update. crews took it home on the gop said and it's too early to call democrats or republicans. the democratic side the races now dead to hillary clinton in his if anything about what
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people of iowa it was an absurd for trumpet it may not have been much of a shot after he skipped out on wall streetn to be in des moines. will be the nominee at the end of this process but it is important it gets the ball probably rolling and gives you momentous and tutut reassures you're
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he should keep that in on and also out into illyria.
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there's heavy snow there's virtually no wind this morning
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warmerha temperatures in the 50s and the showers move out we begin to clear out and insulted the temperatures begin to fall in the 40sed were actually looking drier that notice the kids it's going to be a lot colder for touch of light snow late tomorrow into thursday.r the cold air really loads. i don't want to sound too negativee or not we see any general snow will have to see what happens.
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down in general the center of the countrylyen is looking at a normal stretch of weather. it was sick will disappear in oni record i highly .-dot that's
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they had to be placed in the vehicle to cover the body of the on saint around for 45 this morning the suv was destroyed. all over the highway this they have had the celtics, out no word yet on the identities an update on our top story. the ohio epa testing hundreds of homes water test kits for people
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the community has a stockpile of bottled water for those who needed three was teaching vincent up all night here.
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football.of your time not is 6:39 a.m. an update on your weather and traffic every eight minutes.. how young is too young for condoms to be given out at school. one school has a surprising
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time to your plugged in withd todd meeting. an interesting proposal out of the city of san francisco. they have considers gettingn condoms to students as young as six graders. middle school basically. high school since 1983 they do say they did a study the survey of their student at least 5 percent of the students and 67th and eighth graders had sexual intercourse. that's a thousand kids. that's 50 right. is it down 5 percent. fifty kids h than i used to control knowledge of the number
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will i think it comes down to
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for more information on this and other jobs clickr the jobs tab at we will be right back.
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(singing) i just
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sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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as you had from west 25th right now no accidents are being reported. let's send it to scott who's the coffee quiz.t what i know what the front moves through will top
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show should be gone tomorrow thing attempted move got a little bit of time. t that's all we know. that was disappointing. i thought you are going to keep going with it. that's better than i can do i
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>> 1887. that is the first time that punxsutawney phil> came out of his burrow and have him to sam's weather investigation. that was back in 1887. since then how often is in his shadow. 26 percent, 46 percent, 66, or even 6 percent of it's 86 percent of the time.
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do i need to say anything else kathy you win a $50 gift certificate to contact dental. and synagogues the certificates. thank you. >> thank you.
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goodbye... a double supplies and i will break down the numbers to find out what classmates first results from the 2016 elections actually mean. right now let'ss check in with kenny crumpton. >> good morning wayne dawson think everyone. young entrepreneurs with cleveland pride.
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temperatures will begin to fall behind that we will have a break before temperatures fall below normalhat there is your warm front notice it will be a wild temperatures climb again the rain in the forecast until after sundown tonight will ever 50 and stay above 50 tonight traffic time with patty it is 7:01 a.m. >> of beautiful sunrise in store for everybody we are definitely enjoying that it sky fox to see the sun in the background it is gorgeous this morning. seventy-one northbound andnd i 90 and they all come together with
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slow ride from west 21st family fifth the inner belt bridge the good news is everybody is doing what they shouldyb stay in the other lane late will definitely take that where the scene is clear 71 is back open that have been around ar west 140 years in between there
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in the wrong direction to 45 this morning on i 71 south youo the widest west one 40th were three southbound lanes or shuta down all morning as they worked to clear updo the mess the lanes are back up and we are told w someone was driving a car north and the southbound lanes that struck another driver and an suv. they were work to excavate the bodies from the cars both drivers were pronounced dead sheets had to be placed over the vehicles to cover the bodies the medical did arrive around for 45:00 a.m. they had the fire truck out here carrying the area and it is a hard morning a tragic story two people died we don't know their identities but we will keep you updated to people that out here on i 71. >> also coming of the presidential campaign brought many surprises and delivered a few more monday night in the
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declared the winner of the republican side the democrats tough to say a very tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders we will check in to see what it all means. >> hillary clinton beatinga by a razor thin republican ted cruz scored an unexpected whenic arco rubio also another sachin conservatives with and that is the true conservatives with his battlele heavy recording of the evangelical vote meanwhile trump perhaps the most humble he has been in this race a virtual tie on the democratic side the
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us all of the chief held in the polls early last year acknowledging a real challenge from sanders and sanders acknowledging it. >> it is where we have theh opportunity we do not to have a now to have a real contest of ideas. will him hard r, here iss the problem - - i think the people of iowabl have sent a very profound message to the political establishmentnt. >> through 2 percent chose ohio governor kasich who along with martin o'malley has decided to cap out entirely because of low interest in iowa for the rest of them it is up to new hampshire next tuesday all of them except
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break to go home and get some close. >> back here at home and several cars as of the flames about half a mile away from the scene investigators are now trying to determine what caused the cars to jumped the track. >> locked up on a $50,000 bond accused of killing 200 on the drunk driving accident he died after being hit saturday night along willoughby. the heart of a blood alcohol level nearly
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expressing their condolences to the family. >> we knowowes we cannot take away the pain and the heartachee, but we want you to know that our family is with you and this time of sorrow. >> so, this gentleman structurere of her parents at a young age and also structure stripped her son, the grandson, and never knowing them,. >> they could face up to eight years in prison on each count oft convicted. >> new charges filedo in thehe charges in our of our eta bus driver he flew into a rage about five expired sales cards no one help the driver and no one called police the grand jury is not indicted him on four charges he was on probation at the timee and is still in jail this morning.nd >> the mayor of cleveland has ask you to boost the city push
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the mayor says residents and those in cleveland will benefit directly and they could no longer do more with less.d we had to carry over $42 million over half a percent of the income tax will give us this. that will cover the carry or two just over to test dataset i will give us another $40 million we can use to increase to provide other services. >> they want the police department to benefit from the increase as well. >> it is 7:08 a.m. still ahead - - will he see his shadow or night? keeping our eyes on
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they ended up. >> in the all clear in chipotle at ten find out how that mexican fast food chain is working again. >> nine minutes after 7:00 o'clock. bright sunshine and hardlyn anything but that will change a whole lot later today let's checkot out the rain chances later today. >> a tuesday morning to everybody. right now on the freeway. beautiful sunrise make sure you stick around to find
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making headlines on this tuesday morning in the world health organization now calling the virus a global emergency while it causes a mild, spent most it i can have deadly effects on unborn children h three inmates who escaped from a california prisonon investigators say after takingti a cab driver hostage and got into a physical fight he contemplated killing him so the inmates also estimate going to a beauty salon hoping to change their appearance.. piecing
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escape. >> cosby lawyers are expected to ask a pennsylvania judge to toss out a case. he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman and as montgomery county home back in 2004. he said it was consensual issue he says he made a decade ago with the former district attorney of montgomery county you testified in a deposition in the alleged victimsmsn a prosecutors say there was no such agreement. >> a california to the crewo washe hit by reporting on storm clean up r they were hit by a country on monday morning the tv was rushed to a nearby hospital where they suffered serious injuries n according to her husband's suffered a broken leg.. >> 7:13 a.m. is your time right
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traffic. >> traffic is building. done nothing ordinary this morning nothing out of the ordinary this morning. ninety eastbound coming in from the west i have a traffic from west 44th right around for 80 and 77 with the delay 77 northbound for 80 eastbound to getting on that getting on that ramp. really t it is nice with the sunrise today. we are loving it. w and then scott - - good morning. the weather could not be better. in the 20s now with very little wind check it out with the current temperatures clear skies may even lose another degree or d two but we are starting to seem see more high clouds pushingw into richland county ahead of the warm front with temperatures hovering close to 30. clear at
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skies and bedford 28 in canton elyria 27 heavy snow in the middle of the country at once i get another system north of northern ohioo temperatures will be well over the 50s coasting on about 35 miles per hour this evening.t and then it starts to get a pretty good line of showers and thunderstorms converging in ohio north and
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winds will get strong overnight tonight. we will stay around 48 - - 50 even though we know we will have rumbles of thunder tonight gh and eventually we will clear out that but not until tomorrow afternoon.. rain should be gone between eight and 9:00 o'clock in the morning. even though accumulation and snow will be minimalal we are not anticipating this temperatures will bounce back up to 40 the cold air again starts to reload the weekend forecast is looking pretty quiet. fox eight news is your official school closing
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show appear in about 15 minutes. >> it is really exciting. i like to make sure he is okay you know. starting to feel bad about talking. >> he could get a job at a tv stationon. >> that is probably the truth. >> horrible. what the heck. he could work for us. i'm here. 7:00 o'clock is the time right now. that is a switch. >> wow. there is a san francisco school districti
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middle schoolers another levelve for 67th and eighth graders they say 16 is a little young isn't it? they say at least 5 percent of those students in the school are sexually active. it at this stage whether you admit it or not they think they to go to the mercer concert to get them not eye candy shower. >> some kids can go to their parents about that. too much of an older child thinks they can do things as a teenager they need to separate back to three different levels elementary junior high and high school where theyg don't have the eight street and sixth graders necessarily together. >> what ever happened to parents teaching theiro kids to honor their bodies by say no. this is
6:53 am
be proud of. >> here is one from the coldest is nowadays kids are doing it this will make it easier also make it easier to be safee the ones that don't want to will not be. sixth grade? way too young at 11 at 12 years old it is an interesting proposal but i work with kids this age, they are seeing a lot of this stuff a on the internet already. your thoughts and comments coming upre 67th and eighthrs condom programsms that is how to get a
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our facebook testing to at least if they told you after the fact. >> yes. i think i would too. 7:20 a.m. is your time right now. hi, kelly. >> good morning christie we are on the east side. it is right here. thank you very much, rob. this is the clothing company
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look now at punxsutawney, pennsylvania. he popped out and an early
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it. i think it sounds like an early spring yes he is already done he predicted an early spring he did not see his shadow there you gose your to get your picture taken with phil? watch it now anyway - - it is 7:24 a.m. >> it couldn't be more sure especially for us in ohio.
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in with kenny crumpton an early spring, you guys punxsutawney also obviously talk to waldo the wallet there because she stood there with the an early spring to and i have some surprises for the 8:00 o'clock hour i guess this muscle is really big okay door number two for that young entrepreneurs congratulations and that thing you in you and your wife ass is cleveland pride
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pride one at a time. all right, first up is as a. with the made in cleveland sweatshirt that presents the city of rock 'n roll t the toughness and goodness of our city. >> we love it.s taylor is with all of the famous cities of the world. >> it is london, paris,
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forward city.t taylor is the purpose of mormon of the world the same design but in a tote bag.he >> there you go. a very nice tote and last but not least - - looking all cleveland out. >> cleveland is its nickname so we try to have all that nicknames wearing one of our winter hats. and then with the winter school either a we have out the logo. and where did you guys go? so you didn't really cool did a really cool
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>> january the last week and a halflf we had our $10 buddy sale. we donated a holiday to day to all local homeless shelter which was remember ask of acts of kindness everywhere. a >> and we sold about 500 cities. >> awesome we are at store number two in uptown w where we will talk about a really cool deal where you mentioned kicking it with kenny. then you can get 20 percent off stop in our store today and you look at 20 percent off.
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will come back to fox eight news in the morning. 7:31 a.m. is your time right now. we want to thank you very much for choosing us. >> could morning let's good morning let's check in with scott we will see what happens here. excited about that. we grow the snow. and that was last year during groundhog day with the snowstorm the were super bowl weekend as i a remember. check it out high clouds streaming in from the southwest will help home it is
7:02 am
have clear skies, and temperatures climbing 31 and then finley cloud coverer still very dry at headlines we will see rain returning this evening the winds t begin to pick back up the wind is still quite a ways out not anticipating temperatures climbing in the 40s at noon today. t it will stay all night long is in tomorrow morning s - 52 it will get windy we talk about the cool down coming up in just a few minutes. traffic time withme patty. >> figure out exactly are in the midst of the rush-hour. that is as you head pass for 8271
7:03 am
fourth we have an accident where car got stuck in the mud they are clearing away that area. and then 71 northbound parking lot heading around the curve about of minute 77 and that takes you all the way into and will take will take you all the way throughte about three is now under construction. >> topping are headlines this morning driving the wrong way to people have been killed we want to check back in with jessica who joins us live wo jessica, good morning. >> good morning, everyone we are still waiting on the identities
7:04 am
morningg but 71 is back open such a sad story here this morning it turns out someone was driving backwards driving in the wrong direction they said it happened around 2:35 a.m. on i 71 south near the west 140 is excellent three southbound legs lanes or shut off we are told someone wasme driving the car north in the southbound lanes when they struck another driver and an as to be. emergency responders tried to excavate them from the car but there was too much the pronounced dead. she tied to be placed said to be placed over the vehicle s for the drivers they make sure the road was clear but are heartbreaking storysure one of the family members this year this morning think someone was actually on the phone with the
7:05 am
scream so this is a hard hard story. >> today. turning now to iowa where senator ted cruz. >> it is hillary clinton you suffer the most i of all. we have live from des moines of our this outcome could mean for thehe candidates. >> good morning. good morning to you and youc that it looks like hillary clinton will indeed
7:06 am
narrowest of marginsp it is now down to hillary clinton and bernie sanders . >> i am excited about really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best way forward. >> clinton was expecting a big one in iowa and while i was too close to call last night, sanders is claiming victory for having such a tight >> if i think a bowl of what happened tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message. >> donald trump led the polls for months texas senator ted cruz scored a surprise victory. >> iowa has noticed the t republican nominee and ex-president of the united statesre will not be chosen by the media.
7:07 am
republican nomination, and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie. >> they will move on to new hampshire this weekk mike huckabee dropped out and martin o'malley on the democratic side. >> donald trump skipping the debatec in iowa hurt him? that is what some are sayingt folks in iowa are used to a lot of attention people like ted cruz set up shop. he actually movedly to the last couple of months and maybe they did not like that. another factor could've been ted cruz had a superb ground game getting folks to the caucuses sticking two to three hours not an easy t thing to go off, but he did that last night. >> i think it is tough with them as the message of the last six
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>> thank you very much. we appreciate you. >> the time is 7:38 a.m. still to come - - plus, find out how chipotle is trying to bring back customers with the e. coli outbreak.k. >> and common for kids - - how young is too young to get them out fw in school - - taking your comments in today's calling. >> rock and roll would not be the same without the sky - - chuck berry was from the very t first class is conducted rock 'n roll hall of fame back in 1986.
7:09 am
find out how advertisers are taking for their 30 the 30 seconds of grid iron
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it is greatest this is to 71 on broadway expect delays and nothing out of the ordinary though in a few drive times before you step out 15 minutes to 71 northbound a six minute
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per hour you see it is likely due to a common ingredient kids attend more second more than 50 people in nine states they are preventing deep discounts providing deep discounts for super bowl weekendnd for next monday will close all restaurants for meetings for employees. travelers taking upp before 9:45 a.m. will receive cookies there are so they are so cardwell passengers can out more . they stop the snacks in 2003 but have been giving them again due to lower oil prices $377 million. that is more than the 60s, 70s, 80s can bind. this year, each 32nd
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record five breaking $5 million. for years ago was $4.5 billion for the commercial. >> that is a lot of money. >> time right now it is ten minutes before 8:00 o'clock let's check in with kenny. >> $5 millionn that is amazing. and the building cleveland pride two young entrepreneurs one t-shirt at a time. when we come back.e the cleveland clothing company kicking it with kenny.
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okay you are up, my man. we have those a we will represent every day. >> that is right r and then we have built logo hat. >> very had. >> very good and well done.e. all right. taylor is wearing a gray
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alsoso a downtown landmark photo sure. >> the landmarks include - - carnegie bridge a hugege view o off wntown and then could you turn around and show them the logo on the backck? he is wearing the i like cleveland when it was quotes withnd a great two t-shirt vacation in cleveland. you will love it. and then we think about you guys in the studio. >> thank you, guys. don't go
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for your fox eight news h in the morning. >> two people are dead after a head-on collisionrn on i 71 coming up i will tell you about the person driving in the wrong direction.ller >> the sun is out and they temperatures are going out. right now it should be well above 50 when will the rain developing when will we hear rumbles of thunder's later? we will have more coming up. >> condom controversy they are proposing giving condoms to middle schools in san franciscos and that is too young for some of you. more coming up. >> if you missed it punxsutawney phil's prediction an exciting
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good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio the secondse day of february. i want to thank you very much for being with us. myh name is wayne dawson. >> i am wayne schaefer. happy birthday happy birthday i am christie capel. and we family check in with scott. >> probably no party tonight i have to get up early tomorrow. >> a clear sky high clouds tuning in
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